NZ Forge

 #1 "Banjo"- Severe abscess causing the separation of a large portion of the hoof wall. Since the integrity of the hoof was compromised recontruction using acrylic and fiberglass was necessary to stabilize the two quarters of the hoof.


#2 "Logan"- Extreme depletion of moisture caused cracking and delamination of the hoof wall, leaving nothing to nail a shoe to. Rebuilding of the hoof allowed a shoe to be nailed on.

#3 - London

Typical direct glue on with some patch work. TB horse with thin walls had torn off shoes , very little to nail to, and pealing hoof wall.

 #4 - "Baloo" TB Event Horse. Example of a Sound Horse (Sigafoos) shoe. Chronic sole soreness in a flat non symmetrical hoof.

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