NZ Forge

#1- "Danny" Trail/Pleasure horse. Club foot left unattended allowed for a large dishing at the toe which caused severe toeing out and laminae to become stretched over time. With corrective trimming the horses hoof has lost its dish and is now growing in a straighter more uniform fashion underneath the horse.

#2 - Trail/Pleasure horse. Common case of excessive toe and under run heals.  Even within one shoeing you can see the huge difference in balance by taking away the toe and giving plenty of heal support. This will immediately releave strain on the horses joints and tendons. You can easily see the stress lines in this horses hoof caused by the excessive toe which over time stretches the laminae.

#3 - "Zorro" Paint, Barral Horse. Another case of long toe and under run heals, however this horse was trimmed by me a couple days prior to his shoeing appointment. This horse was on his way to bowing a tendon due to hard work with excessive toe. You can see what a difference you can make in angles with the use corrective shoeing, which will make his recovery that much faster. He was given a therapeutic shoe and a degree rim pad to help with break over and constrict tendon from over stretching.

 #4 - Trail/Pleasure horse. Basic hooves breaking up a bit with some extra toe growth.


#5 - "Willie" TB Eventing horse, 16.3 hands , chronically lame. Case of under run, crushed heals, long toe, and a broken axis. You can also see the stress crack in the heal which was caused by the overall farrier neglect. When the horse was brought to me he was 3 out of 5 lame. He had allot of heal pain to the testers. Within a week he was back sound and ridable. In the case we brought back the excessive toes by setting the bar shoe back with plenty of heal support. I also added a 2 degree pad to help him with his loss of heal angle. He is now on his way to hoof recovery.
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