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A bit about myself ….

I am New Zealand born, and have been in the US for about 10 years. I’ve been a farrier now for almost 8 years. I was very fortunate to have apprenticed under Mark Agostinelli, Brent Wendling, and master farrier Eddie Scheckner. The majority of my learning came with Eddie, a 35 year veteran to horse shoeing and no stranger to the horse industry. Most of my education was based in the Chester Co Pennsylvania area for the last five years.

During my time with Eddie I was exposed to many lameness issues. We dealt with a severe case of white line disease. The tricky part of this case was, he was an internationally competitive horse that we needed to keep sound and in the show ring.  There were founder cases, a severed tendon injury requiring custom heal lifts over time until the tendon could once again stretch out , and many other reconstructive situations. I am very well versed with glue work, either direct glue-ons or Sound Horse shoes. I will say that glue and reconstructions are my forte and there would be no need to head to a hospital the get this kind of work done since I am now in the area and can some to you..  I was also fortunate to have worked on some very high caliber horses. In the winters we would go to Ocala, West Palm Beach , and Aiken to join our clients during the winter show season. I worked on mostly Dressage, Hunter/ Jumpers, Event, and Fox Hunting horses.

I am now branching out to some other venues and have recently worked within some Western disciplines including barrel horses. The local show/pleasure/trail horses are also clients.

I find being a farrier a very interesting and gratifying job.  I enjoy working with the horses and trying my best to help with their individual shoeing needs.  I welcome working with Veterinarians or owners on lameness cases.  I want to help the horses perform to the best of their abilities, whatever their job may be.

Thanks for taking the time to view my site. I will try to update it as much as I can and it is still in construction phase. I  am trying to acquire as many before after photos as possible as I want to help potential clients see the difference that can be made with corrective or correct shoeing. A good farrier can make a world of difference for long term soundness of your horse! No feet ….no horse.  I am currently taking on new clients, large or small numbers of horses. I am also available for emergency situations, I am willing to do demonstrations for non- profits organizations or events.

I look forward to meeting you and your horses…...


Hayden Luke

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